Thursday, 31 March 2016

Use Digital Marketing Strategies for your Event

Use Digital Marketing Strategies for your Event

The real deal when it comes to Event planning is advertising about your event to targeted audience. Here, Digital marketing source can be obtained. If you haven’t made a digital strategy for your event planning yet, try these steps and get a success result for your event.
  1. The World is now getting digital,to know anything they just google.That means if people heard about your event they search, so make it available in search engines.
  2.  Be patient.Choose your target audience wisely that makes a difference compare to other events.
  3. Social media helps a lot in reaching targeted people.Try to create adds,campaigns in social media.
  4. Better to pair up with guys who can market your event digitally instead of making it separately.
  5. Google ads can get visibility for your event Google can help your job done in a success result.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

How to handle Staff & Partner in your Event

How to handle staff members & partner in event
  1. Have a list of things that can and can't done. Maintain a rule build book for your staff where you can't exceed your rules for others sake.
  2. Know the basic needs and requirements for staff members and maintain a friendly relationship by treating with a high respect.
  3. Divide all staff members into teams and make them to lead event on their own experience and instant thoughts, hence select experienced staff.
  4. Clear all the terms and conditions regarding the event and advise their limitations with a very good smiley face.
  5. Maintain same tips with your partner, before choosing a right partner check where is he friendly and  understandable.
  6. And also check weather he is transparent in financial issues as well as with his new ideas to share with you.
  7. Maintain a relationship that should be your safe and comfortable place to share your ideas too. Have fun the less pressure you put on yourself, the happier you are with yourself and you can see a grand successful event.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

7 Useful tips to plan your Event

7 Useful tips to plan your Event
  1. Decide your target audience & pick the right venue before planning an event.
  2. Know the limitations about the Area, Location, and Transportation.
  3. Plan your event with having good team members.
  4. Try to save trees by reducing the usage of Printing on Papers, Advertisement Posters. Use Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) as your marketing tool  to reach the targeted audience.
  5. Based upon your event, develop an expensive financial plan but to passive your budget go with Sponsorship's for the event.
  6. Impress your sponsors with your ideas that how long you can help them to market their product to people.
  7. Appear with good body language in front of sponsors as well as audience to gain a good impression.
Follow the above tips to organize & making the Event successful.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

9 Best Tips for Event Manager to conduct Event with Low budget

9 best tips for event manager to conduct event with low cost
  1. Choose event venue carefully, where the venue is a easy place that people to come and attend. If the event venue is such capable then you can move to further process. 
  2.  The product or service going to be exhibited should be very easy to understand, so that it would be more beneficial to the customer. 
  3.  Check the availability of water service for customers at near with walk-able distance.
  4.  If you are organizing an food related event, contact local food service which is more flexible & delivery can on-time.
  5. If you are lined up with sponsors,contact ex-Hospitals,bank branches, Startup companies,Jewellery showrooms,Sweet stalls, Local car companies and dealers, painting companies (EX-Asian paints) for your Event. 
  6. List out a visitors list in book. Maintain a good friendly relation with visitors and ask for feedback. 
  7.  Try to maintain both men and women accessories or clothes in your event with low prices to get a good results and a everlasting Brand of yours. 
  8. Suggest venue in-charge/owner to maintain toilets as clean & safe. 
  9. Add fun related activities which occupies less space and reflects your brand.