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PR strategy for your event

PR strategy for your event

If you want your event to make the news,better way to do it than going to the press.  
The PR team
First off, you’ll have to engage your PR team. They’re your go-to team for all things press related.  They’d set up the meet-cute (between you and your press guys). Here you have three possibilities. 
1. You might be a big player in the industry, and as such you may have a proper PR team as part of your company,
2. You may decide to hire someone or a professional PR agency to handle the event.  
3. If you’re approaching the news guys through their own PR teams, an odd third option, please don’t say you want so and so to cover this event. Don’t even hint at something like that, or say something that can be misconstrued to mean something like that. It is considered to be very bad form.

Being in the know

Make sure you are aware of every transaction of PR Team Performs. You’ll need to know what they promised the press guys — any rules or conditions they may have pushed through or promised to abide by, not just the stuff they tell you only on a need-to-know basis.
This probing on your part needs to be done.  You can’t risk annoying the press at the first go.  

Frame the conversation
Prior to calling them, get to know everything you can about them, including the stuff they write about and info about rivalries. You may be inviting more than one press group.

 So you’ll need to know all this if you are to handle things nicely and avoid clashes. If the press guys you’re calling over know you, kudos. If they know someone you know well, on the team, first find out if they’re on good terms.

If they are, then go ahead and have a chat with them to see if your friends can say hi to the press for a few minutes to soften things up. If you don’t know them, then see if you can get your PR team to assist you.

If you have someone of eminence on your side, having them drop in for a few minutes can be a good idea. But remember, this is not to show off, or show superiority, but to show your journos that you think they are worth the effort. Make sure your high fliers who come by are polite, or all the effort will go to waste.

The Call
Next, assuming you’ve done all that you could do to publicize your event, and it’s a big deal now, and everyone who is someone wants to be there. When you call, you should have all the required information with you, what it’s about, who’ll be there, why it matters, and why it’s a good reason for them to cover the event.
And, any other additional information you might need to know like stuff about your competition too, in case both your events are happening in the same week. Be polite, and articulate. If you’re not confident you can do it nicely without rubbing anyone the wrong way, then find someone who’s good at it.

Whichever language you choose, make sure whoever is doing the talking is good at it. Journos are great at it, since they’re hired for their literary talents. So don’t mess up.

If they call you then the same rules apply. You’ll still have to be ready for questions, and you have to answer them, if you want their favor. Please be dignified at all times, and avoid attempting to talk too friendly with them,or worse flirting or bulldozing them. It’s rude, and while you may have seen them on TV or read their stuff in the newspapers, you do not know anything about them, so keep it formal over the phone.

 The meetup
It’s a great idea to call over the members who will be covering your event, for a casual meetup, to hash through the details. You’ll have to talk about stuff they can talk about, stuff you’d be a bit anxious about, private green room interviews, permits, photos, controversies they can cover and controversies you’re not comfortable with.
Be honest, but at no point, can you forget to be civilized.

Social (media) do’s and dont’s
Whatever you do, do not attempt to say hi via social media. If you want to do that, then first get their approval to do so, when you call them up.

Don’t do anything before that. You can check out their pages or profiles if you want, but nothing more. Once you’ve had the first formal chat, check with them if they can add you up on Facebook, or say hi on Twitter.

Being in the know, when it comes to social media, is considered a boon. It’s a sign that you are in with what’s trending. And they’d appreciate that.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

7 event planning fails your guests hate

7 event planning fails your guests hate

Having an event organizing checklist should come in handy. And to make sure you do not miss out on important aspects, here are 7 event planning fails your guests hate.
Make sure you do not commit any of them.


If your event venue is yet to be announced (TBA), when your guests sign up, make sure they get the venue details at least a week in advance. And make sure any communication about the event is sent out to all the attendee. Do not assume that they might have seen it on your social channel, because basically no one does that.For instance, if you have registered for an event, the chances of you visiting their social page is minimal, even if it is to keep yourself updated. So, do not assume.

Same speakers or artistes every time

Most successful events do not repeat speakers or performers as a norm. So, make sure you do not commit the grave sin too.

Internet issues

If you are organizing a professional event, conference, or a workshop, it is your responsibility to ensure that your attendees are well-connected. Your responsibility of providing accessible networking opportunities with an app does not work if there is no internet connectivity at the venue. Your guests might want to update, tweet, pin, like, or insta about your event, but if there are connectivity issues (or no WiFi), you are losing not just on the goodwill of the attendees, but also on the branding for your event.

Outdated schedule

Big no  excuse for you to hand out outdated schedules to your attendees.Everyone has a smartphone these days. So, take your agenda online or rather to their phones with a mobile event agenda application. You can also consider getting a white-labeled app for your event to keep everyone associated posted.

No event website

It is easy for your event attendees to source all the information from one place. So, keep it easy for them by having an event website that is up to date and has all the needed information. Include every detail from the venue, date, and time, to tickets. An event that does not have website might leave your event attendees hating you for the lack of updates.

No technology

Adapt to technology in your event and let attendees experience the feel great about being part of an event that is up to date.

Too much technology

Too much of anything is good for nothing. This holds true even for technology. It is good to host an event backed with advanced technology solutions, but make sure you do not overdo it. This will be appreciated by all and will not abhor those who aren’t tech savvy.

Best tips to earn loyal attendees to your event

Best tips to earn loyal attendees to your event
If you earn loyal attendees, you have a mark set and only need to maintain it. Here are a few pointers to help you earn those loyal attendees you are on the lookout for.

Best customer service

You may be providing customer service, but if you do not have the best of services, then nobody really needs it. When people pay for an event, they also expect services in return apart from the event agenda and that’s what gives you the credit of being the best organizer and them choosing your event to go just because you’re the one organizing it.

New themes

For all the events that you organize and setup, you may have set a standard bench mark for your services which people like, but don’t make it boring for them by putting up the same setup over and over again.Change a theme, get some colors, spice it up and make your guests go ” Wow ” because that’s what counts.

Incentives for repeat attendance

Since you have people coming back to events organized by you, it’s better to incentive it by maybe giving away a ticket to your next event,  organizing a raffle draw and having them get the upper hand in winning or maybe give them the importance of being the one to pick out the winner. That way they know you give service, importance and best of all respect.

Empowering engagement

Your loyal attendees that have become overtime can also turn into proper event marketing tools. Your service that contributes to your growth, your work that brings you the fame, your gifts that help you retain your client on the whole will eventually get them to market for your event and put in a good word to others for you, hereby making you more valuable.

Give your guests the ownership

Let your guests know that the event is all about them being a part of and their feedback and reviews would be valued. Let them know that as an organizer, you might be forgetting something or go wrong and they could help in correcting a certain area that requires improvement.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

How to Create a long-lasting event experience for your guests

 How to Create a long-lasting  event experience for your guests

There must have been an event in your mind that you once attended, which gave you a five star experience of almost everything on the whole. Right from the time when you were admitted to the venue, all the way until you left. Sure enough, the management for that event was on the alert for any unexpected issues.
Here are a few pointers that would help you give your guests an experience they won’t forget.

Keep your registrations Small ,easy and available online, that’s the start of a good experience. For example, a name, email and phone number should be sufficient for identification purposes.

Your chosen venue can be a little far away, that should be fine as long as it’s easily located or if it sounds tricky, have people to guide your guests to the location using Google maps, or by giving directions with the help of different landmarks.
Ensure that your guests arrive hassle free.

Make sure your guests get the best service as soon as they arrive rather waiting to be checked in when you get a chance
Keep your entrances manned with enough volunteers to check in.The level of service needs to be maintained throughout the event.

Event Crew
Your event must have a good number of people managing the entire show, where not one guest would be left unattended or ill treated. Sometimes it takes an extra effort to gain that fame of being the best organizer, so in that aspect, keep your crew informed about taking that extra step towards serving people.

If event is scheduled to last for a couple days or more it’s always better to have an agenda given to your guests so that they may decide what’s best for them. The most convenient way to hand out agenda is have them use an App, unlike the printed agendas that you don’t give, they don’t take.

Friday, 22 April 2016

DAta DaTa daTa for a successful event

data data data data for successful event

It’s all a numbers game
Event management is an art rather than science.However data can help make sense of the entire game and give you an upper hand in the market.

Use Data to understand attendee behavior
When implementing campaigns ranging from email marketing to social media marketing, measure your responses. Use the content that works and shift your focus to promoting such events.
If you find that redirecting to a virtual event link works, try that. If redirecting to an event’s social media page works, try that. If visual content works, try that. Your attendees are telling you something, listen to it. 

Pre-filled forms improve conversions
Data just gives us a better picture on how small changes drastically improve certain outcomes. It was found that re-filled forms improve conversion by 50% ( Event Data Management Whitepaper).
Pull data from your existing contacts data to pre-fill form data when available. You can also install cookies on the user’s machine to do the same.

Don’t be afraid to re market (Old wine, new bottle)
In case you have a limited database of contacts for email marketing, do consider email re marketing. You can use data about available campaigns and resend to those who have not opened the campaign yet.
 Change your email subject line to make your audience is not plagued with the same content.

Track your best sellers
Track your marketing campaigns and conversions from each traffic source. Newsletters/Email Marketing/ Social Media/Content Marketing/ Blogs. You can use Google Analytic to get data on your campaigns.
 Use Google URL builder to tag your links to get data on registration and conversions.

Opportunity cost matters, kill non performer campaigns
Make sure you set goals for your campaigns and kill the non-performers to reduce audience fatigue.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

How to get great brand recall at your B2B event

How to get great brand recall at your B2B event

This is the age of brands and branding and a name does mean everything, an image, a symbol, an icon, an event, it’s all building a larger picture in the minds of the consumer.
It is absolutely essential to have instant brand recall for your brand and undertake branding exercises that familiarize your audience. 

                                      If you are hosting a corporate event and looking at getting the maximum mileage out of your event, you should work with partners who know and understand your business. 
                                                                                                                                   Bookmystall is a way to get connected to event planners, organizers that can help you build your brand through your event.

Here are a few neat ways to introduce branding into your events! 

BTL(Below-the-Line) it up everywhere
Find ways to incorporate your branding into your event merchandise. From beer koozies,pens, key chains, pins, badges think of innovative and fun ways to show off your colors.

T-shirts for volunteers
Whether you are using your own employees to power your event or have used manpower vendors, make sure they look like they are part of the home team. Investing in quality T-shirts for your volunteers can go a long way into making your team look professional and presentable.

Content is king
When your are developing content for your brand make sure it’s goofy, weird, funny and impact. Skip the boring stats and dry facts and figures, try to focus on company culture.

Make sure your ART has HEART
Pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure you hire the best design professionals for your BTL and event signage. This is the first thing they see when they enter the venue so make sure you aren’t making a bad first impression. You can ask your designer to come up with company mascots and advertising that can be used in multiple promotional use.

Get local
Make sure you capitalize on local culture and keep this in mind for your branding to avoid ‘culture-insensitive’ mistake. Get behind a local football team, a local sporting tournament, try and understand what clicks in the city/ town you are hosting the event or take the help of professionals and industry experts to include the local flavor in your branding.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

B2B event organization tips

 B2B event organization tips

When it comes to B2B events, ‘size does matter’. Hosting a large B2B conference, build goodwill within the industry which  help you bag a few big deals in your kitty.

Design the ‘Big Fish’ experience
Plan the event to the final details. Finalize a appropriate venue. Be it an intimate setting or a workshop.
Make sure your event has a few key takeaways and an impressive roster of keynote speakers.
A good keynote can set the tone for your event and the association can help brand recall.

Pick the perfect vendors
When you are hosting an event for your potential clients, everything has to be perfect. Little trouble like issues with AV equipment, low quality BTL (below-the-line merchandise), a poorly planned venue can cause irreparable loss of face to the company.
It is imperative to use trusted and scrutinize vendors for your event.

Get the Target out of the event

If your are spending big bucks on an event, it’s reasonable to expect to get what you want out of it. Focus on what you exactly want from the event: be it sales leads, networking, industry exposure or communicating something to audience.
Make a game plan and reunite your resources accordingly. Prepare merchandise, communication material, BTL to bolster this end. 

Multitask for maximum effect
If you are hosting a ‘flagship event’ for your industry, then use this opportunity to multitask. Be it a product demo, a press release, a sales pitch, you can use this event to your advantage in more ways than one.
 The event an also be used to start off or test a new ad campaign and get a first hand reaction to important changes to the brand.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Gifts that every attendee will love

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Gifts Every attendee loves
Distributing freebies to event attendees goes a long way in getting closer to the attendee. These small memorials go a long way in getting the attendees back to your next event. Every one  like to take home a lot of free gifts and this is the truth. Here are 7 giveaways that that organizers could give away to event attendees.

Promotional Notebooks

Make sure your Customized book carries your event logo and captions wherever necessary without over stuff marketing which make the customer throw it into the trash .


Get your logo printed or come up with a cool caption or  full  posture and get a hashtag up for your event  and get that printed on your Tee.
If you wish to take an extra mile in this, you could get  this stuff on a Polyester material tee, which the attendees could wear for running or training.

Caps or hats (If it’s an outdoor event)

If you are conducting an open air event like an auto expo,kite festival, an air show or a concert during the day. A cap or a hat would help stop from the blazing sun.
There are two boons for this, it’s keeping the attendees in good spirits and it’s also good branding.


Especially if your event is in those times when the sun is at its best and coming up with swag sunglasses is definitely something you shouldn’t miss .

Blue books

You could get vendors and dealers to give away discount coupons by promising them their product marketing in this form. For, it’s Quid Pro Quoblue book

Power banks or USB chargers

Giving your event attendees USB cables to charge or a few not so pricey power banks can help you get in their good books. Plus, don’t forget it’s good marketing.

Ear phones

Ear phones, though small, plays a huge role in keeping your event attendees happy. This small gesture will ensure that your event attendees become your regulars, provided you don’t drop the quality of the event

For more Details visit bookmystall

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Gifts an event organizer could give to event attendees

Gifts an event organizer could give to event attendees

 Never let attendees/guests go back home empty handed and  always ensure that their hands are filled with free giveaways.
This law just boost itself by a greater doorway when it comes to the event attendees who have attended your event. 

T-shirts get printed in bulk with their logo on it and it’s also not very expensive to get that done. T
he best part as it, the vendors who provide this service to event organizers also get it done in very competitive prices, while ensuring that the quality of the product is not diminished to cut costs.

Free food coupons
If you could hope for at your big event and you’re in the mood for celebrating, then, bring your event attendees into your celebration.
The best way to do this would be giving away complimentary food coupons that can be used within the event.
This also earns you good will from the event attendees.

It makes your event attendee an impression that you’ve invested time and money in selecting the giveaway and also a good one. Leatherette can often be used to enclose the agenda for the event or a scribble pad for notes.

Mugs & key chains

If you are hosting a trade show or a food festival, ensure that the mugs and key chains are customized around that theme.
The giveaways should help any individual looking at it relate to your event.

Pen drives
Pen drives are most suited and generally given as a freebie at professional events.
If you want to give the event attendee a better experience, you could always customize the pen drive according to the theme of the event.

Stress- relief balls
Stress relief balls can be a perfect freebie, especially if you are conducting a medical event.
This can help the event attendee reduce stress levels which re generally caused by sitting for hours at long conferences.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tips to Organize Seasonal Events

Tips to organize Seasonal Events

Theme and Festival

Always plan a theme oriented event if it’s a festival and arrange the food, decor, beverages, attire and kids engagement activities.
The festival is a time when people would come together, settle their differences, exchange gifts, and maybe finding a reason to get close to each other.


It’s a good idea always to keep your guests entertained and focused. So, when you send your invite for RSVP, also send along a note that informs them to prepare for a contest you plan on conducting on the day of the event.
That way, they get excited and the entertainment part is taken care of. Keep some good prizes to keep them wanting more.

Food & Quality

As an organizer, Make sure that food is amply and quality is maintained.
Its always best to serve the food to your guests in a few minutes from the time they arrive.
Also, don’t have the food cooked hours before your guests arrive because food started to become stale.
You never know if someone is in a hurry and you keep them waiting, they don’t mention it because they respect you.


Festival oriented beverages are more preferred.
Alcohol is not recommended when it’s a family get together and especially not when the other families are expected to visit with kids around.


Get your numbers right and since it’s the festive season, you might want to keep a good buffer for those people you haven’t invited, but get tagged along by your guests because they can’t afford to miss meeting them.

Timing and duration

keep your festive event more like a 2 to 3 hour affair rather than a full night program-me.
People like to have their own time with their families too.


You wouldn’t be able to gift people on every occasion neither can the guests afford that Festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving.
So, don’t be an over gift-er and put others in the spotlight where they start avoiding your events because they can’t afford to gift you.


The venue is spacious and gives enough room for people to be accommodated and should be comfortable with a buffer.
The venue would be convenient if it’s located within city limits.

Play area

As an organizer it’s always better to have arrangements for kids where they have a play area to keep them occupied.
Better yet, you can get someone to keep them engaged who can get them to play different games, tell a story, try different food and maybe watch some animated movies or cartoons.

If you can make sure all of this is taken care of, you can very well expect your guests to leave satisfied. Happy planning!

5 things to avoid when organizing a professional event

5 things to avoid when organizing a professional event

Most organizers forget important stuff when organizing an event which makes the guests to face difficulties when something is not in sync.
Here is a list of five things you need to avoid when organizing an event.

Chairs and wires

Everyone always like to sit at comfortable place and be able to attend the  paid workshop/training.
A major irritant is unusual screen fluctuations because of wiring or bad connections and you realize someone’s chair is on the wire and they have no clue about it.
Hence keep your chairs and wires apart from one another.

Bad food

After long sessions, attendees looks around for the food. Make sure to arrange some good dessert to make the deal sweeter.
It works just like they say ” A well-fed man is a happy man” .

Forgetting Intro kits

People expect you to accommodate some intro kits for them where they get an idea about the agenda of the day, maybe meal coupons or NFC cards, some stationery to help them take notes while they attend.
This is always a good start and helps keep attendees well informed about the content and a whole scope of things around the workshop/seminar. 

Cheap /no goodies

Goodies make the  event resourceful and worth attending and useful customer retention strategy.
You can always give away a small bag consisting of tees and other souvenirs.
A selfie stick or an artifact signifying the place where you are conducting the event may be more attractive.
If you plan to give away tees, make sure you get all sizes


Intermittent disturbances in acoustics would not only turn out to be irritants, but flow of information from the speaker to the listener.
Make sure the auditorium is light up properly and  speaker is visible.
If the hall is very huge, ensure that both sides of the dais have large screens where the speaker is projected. Else, participants may lose interest in sitting through the proceedings.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Reasons why you should attend workshops

Reasons why you should attend workshops
Learn something new because learning is never ending process and in this generation there is a big revolution of hike technology where we can learn lots of information. Workshops is gathering information or discussion regarding some products. Hence attending workshops helps us to improve knowledge.
                         Here are reasons why we should attend workshops and points to be know when we are attending workshops.
  1. Learn something new by focused learning, have some goals about what you are interested in and attend workshops happening nearby.
  2. You can interact with new people and share your thoughts & passions,regarding your vision you may get some healthy tips and advises from experts.
  3. Instead of having theoretical knowledge always,attending workshops makes you to feel real time experience this will genuinely help you strengthen your skills and grow in your career.
  4. There is a very big advantage here, we will be certified from experts in our projects & this make much value for career.
  5. Creating thrill or buzz about your project in industry will make you to recognize by many investors and experts, they make to join in their team.This will happen by attending workshops :)

Saturday, 2 April 2016

7 Prominent traditional event marketing methods

7 Prominent traditional event marketing methods

Traditional or Digital Marketing is all about presenting your idea in a way that is pleasing to the public, and  will drive the crowd to your product/ idea/ event.

The event industry depends on marketing heavily to get the word out for any particular event.
Here are 7 traditional marketing methods that still have an impact even though we are in  the world of digital.

Mouth of Publicity

Word of mouth goes a long way. It’s trust or appreciation being passed on from one human to another.
With Word of mouth you do not get to review the event on the internet , but you would definitely trust the word of a person who has just been to an event and will definitely consider his experiences.


Imagine you walk into a pub and see a flyer inviting you to join a party which boasts of an amazing line up, production, booze menu and more which makes the feel of paper in your hand and a little closer to the event.


Promoting before, during and after the event is a great way to keep your event buzzing in the minds of the target audience.

This is a very important form of neuro marketing that is used to attract more event attendees to your event and also making them your regulars.

Newspaper advertisement

Advertisements in the newspapers have been one of the most prominent forms of traditional marketing. Its wide reach and minimal expense for marketing makes it one of the most used marketing medium for events.


If we place a Standee’s at most happening places where a potential market of an event would visit.When you saw a standee of a concert or a standup comedy act, or a adventure event at your favorite bar or coffee shop and discussed about  that event at least for 5 minutes, that’s the impact of a standee.


Hoardings catch the eye, the massive size and the colorful canvas used on it will leave you staring at it, till it’s out of your sight.

Television and radio ads

The half of the world is stick to the television sets while at home and the rest to their Radio’s in cars while they are stuck in  traffic.

Ads on the television and radio are considered to be one of the most important forms of traditional marketing as they have a large audience coverage and also are very efficient.

Friday, 1 April 2016

5 Thumb rules for conducting an Event

5 Thumb rules for conducting an Event

1W : Why is the event being conducted?

As an organizer, the reason why the event is being conducted is conveyed very clearly to the audience.It could be a casual party to in support of cause 

2W : What is the event type?

Perfect  event type classification  can't lead to a lot of re-work on target audience, marketing activities.
This is the filters that customers generally use to flip through the many events and fix on one.

3W : Who is this event for?

  • Always know your target audience helps to do an analysis of the current trends of the targeted audience and mould your event accordingly.
  • You could either choose the digital or traditional form of marketing, or both of them combined depending on the target audience.

4W : When will it be held?

  • As an event organizer, ensure the  following :
  • Event doesn’t coincide with any public holidays or festive dates.
  • The event date and timing shouldn’t be the prime reason why attendees choose not to come to the event.
  • Ensure that it is held on the weekends.
  • Finally based on even type event should conducted.Example if it marathon,event should be in  early morning hours.

5W : Where is the venue?

The venue should serve the purpose of the event while being easily accessible.


1B : Budget

Budget will influence all the above 5W's. While sticking to your budget to conduct the event is important, you should always have some capital kept aside for a rainy day.