Best tips to earn loyal attendees to your event

Best tips to earn loyal attendees to your event
If you earn loyal attendees, you have a mark set and only need to maintain it. Here are a few pointers to help you earn those loyal attendees you are on the lookout for.

Best customer service

You may be providing customer service, but if you do not have the best of services, then nobody really needs it. When people pay for an event, they also expect services in return apart from the event agenda and that’s what gives you the credit of being the best organizer and them choosing your event to go just because you’re the one organizing it.

New themes

For all the events that you organize and setup, you may have set a standard bench mark for your services which people like, but don’t make it boring for them by putting up the same setup over and over again.Change a theme, get some colors, spice it up and make your guests go ” Wow ” because that’s what counts.

Incentives for repeat attendance

Since you have people coming back to events organized by you, it’s better to incentive it by maybe giving away a ticket to your next event,  organizing a raffle draw and having them get the upper hand in winning or maybe give them the importance of being the one to pick out the winner. That way they know you give service, importance and best of all respect.

Empowering engagement

Your loyal attendees that have become overtime can also turn into proper event marketing tools. Your service that contributes to your growth, your work that brings you the fame, your gifts that help you retain your client on the whole will eventually get them to market for your event and put in a good word to others for you, hereby making you more valuable.

Give your guests the ownership

Let your guests know that the event is all about them being a part of and their feedback and reviews would be valued. Let them know that as an organizer, you might be forgetting something or go wrong and they could help in correcting a certain area that requires improvement.


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