How to Plan a Event for Generation Z

Here 5 specific tips for designing meetings and events that are effective and engaging for Generation Z participants.

1.Design collaborative, project-based, interactive learning, especially those that provide the opportunity to use technology and social media.

 Generation Z classrooms emphasize mainstreaming, collaboration, and win-win outcomes

2.Use general sessions to provide executive summaries of breakouts where deeper dives that are "hands-on," focusing on "real-time" challenges and opportunities can be explored.

 With shorter attention spans when in passive listening mode and the ability to filter a high volume of information, this approach will help participants determine what's most relevant and how they want to allocate their time.

3.Leverage online and computer-based learning components.

  • 25.2% of teens reported using computers for 3 or more hours daily
  • 34.7% of teens reported watching TV for 3 or more hours daily


4.Embrace gamification to attract Generation Z male attendees.

  •    51% of teen males and 66% of 6-11 year olds reported that gaming is their main entertainment


5.Incorporate CSR initiatives.

The opportunity to give back in a meaningful way is an important Generation Z value. •The U.S. Department of Labor reported that 26% of 16 - 19 year olds volunteer  studies reported that Generation Z respondents in 4 countries had a high level of concern about social issues:
  •   hunger (78%)
  •   children dying from preventable diseases (77%)
  •   human impact on the planet (76%)


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