How to handle Staff & Partner in your Event

How to handle staff members & partner in event
  1. Have a list of things that can and can't done. Maintain a rule build book for your staff where you can't exceed your rules for others sake.
  2. Know the basic needs and requirements for staff members and maintain a friendly relationship by treating with a high respect.
  3. Divide all staff members into teams and make them to lead event on their own experience and instant thoughts, hence select experienced staff.
  4. Clear all the terms and conditions regarding the event and advise their limitations with a very good smiley face.
  5. Maintain same tips with your partner, before choosing a right partner check where is he friendly and  understandable.
  6. And also check weather he is transparent in financial issues as well as with his new ideas to share with you.
  7. Maintain a relationship that should be your safe and comfortable place to share your ideas too. Have fun the less pressure you put on yourself, the happier you are with yourself and you can see a grand successful event.