5 things to avoid when organizing a professional event

5 things to avoid when organizing a professional event

Most organizers forget important stuff when organizing an event which makes the guests to face difficulties when something is not in sync.
Here is a list of five things you need to avoid when organizing an event.

Chairs and wires

Everyone always like to sit at comfortable place and be able to attend the  paid workshop/training.
A major irritant is unusual screen fluctuations because of wiring or bad connections and you realize someone’s chair is on the wire and they have no clue about it.
Hence keep your chairs and wires apart from one another.

Bad food

After long sessions, attendees looks around for the food. Make sure to arrange some good dessert to make the deal sweeter.
It works just like they say ” A well-fed man is a happy man” .

Forgetting Intro kits

People expect you to accommodate some intro kits for them where they get an idea about the agenda of the day, maybe meal coupons or NFC cards, some stationery to help them take notes while they attend.
This is always a good start and helps keep attendees well informed about the content and a whole scope of things around the workshop/seminar. 

Cheap /no goodies

Goodies make the  event resourceful and worth attending and useful customer retention strategy.
You can always give away a small bag consisting of tees and other souvenirs.
A selfie stick or an artifact signifying the place where you are conducting the event may be more attractive.
If you plan to give away tees, make sure you get all sizes


Intermittent disturbances in acoustics would not only turn out to be irritants, but flow of information from the speaker to the listener.
Make sure the auditorium is light up properly and  speaker is visible.
If the hall is very huge, ensure that both sides of the dais have large screens where the speaker is projected. Else, participants may lose interest in sitting through the proceedings.


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