5 Thumb rules for conducting an Event

5 Thumb rules for conducting an Event

1W : Why is the event being conducted?

As an organizer, the reason why the event is being conducted is conveyed very clearly to the audience.It could be a casual party to in support of cause 

2W : What is the event type?

Perfect  event type classification  can't lead to a lot of re-work on target audience, marketing activities.
This is the filters that customers generally use to flip through the many events and fix on one.

3W : Who is this event for?

  • Always know your target audience helps to do an analysis of the current trends of the targeted audience and mould your event accordingly.
  • You could either choose the digital or traditional form of marketing, or both of them combined depending on the target audience.

4W : When will it be held?

  • As an event organizer, ensure the  following :
  • Event doesn’t coincide with any public holidays or festive dates.
  • The event date and timing shouldn’t be the prime reason why attendees choose not to come to the event.
  • Ensure that it is held on the weekends.
  • Finally based on even type event should conducted.Example if it marathon,event should be in  early morning hours.

5W : Where is the venue?

The venue should serve the purpose of the event while being easily accessible.


1B : Budget

Budget will influence all the above 5W's. While sticking to your budget to conduct the event is important, you should always have some capital kept aside for a rainy day.