7 event planning fails your guests hate

7 event planning fails your guests hate

Having an event organizing checklist should come in handy. And to make sure you do not miss out on important aspects, here are 7 event planning fails your guests hate.
Make sure you do not commit any of them.


If your event venue is yet to be announced (TBA), when your guests sign up, make sure they get the venue details at least a week in advance. And make sure any communication about the event is sent out to all the attendee. Do not assume that they might have seen it on your social channel, because basically no one does that.For instance, if you have registered for an event, the chances of you visiting their social page is minimal, even if it is to keep yourself updated. So, do not assume.

Same speakers or artistes every time

Most successful events do not repeat speakers or performers as a norm. So, make sure you do not commit the grave sin too.

Internet issues

If you are organizing a professional event, conference, or a workshop, it is your responsibility to ensure that your attendees are well-connected. Your responsibility of providing accessible networking opportunities with an app does not work if there is no internet connectivity at the venue. Your guests might want to update, tweet, pin, like, or insta about your event, but if there are connectivity issues (or no WiFi), you are losing not just on the goodwill of the attendees, but also on the branding for your event.

Outdated schedule

Big no  excuse for you to hand out outdated schedules to your attendees.Everyone has a smartphone these days. So, take your agenda online or rather to their phones with a mobile event agenda application. You can also consider getting a white-labeled app for your event to keep everyone associated posted.

No event website

It is easy for your event attendees to source all the information from one place. So, keep it easy for them by having an event website that is up to date and has all the needed information. Include every detail from the venue, date, and time, to tickets. An event that does not have website might leave your event attendees hating you for the lack of updates.

No technology

Adapt to technology in your event and let attendees experience the feel great about being part of an event that is up to date.

Too much technology

Too much of anything is good for nothing. This holds true even for technology. It is good to host an event backed with advanced technology solutions, but make sure you do not overdo it. This will be appreciated by all and will not abhor those who aren’t tech savvy.