7 Prominent traditional event marketing methods

7 Prominent traditional event marketing methods

Traditional or Digital Marketing is all about presenting your idea in a way that is pleasing to the public, and  will drive the crowd to your product/ idea/ event.

The event industry depends on marketing heavily to get the word out for any particular event.
Here are 7 traditional marketing methods that still have an impact even though we are in  the world of digital.

Mouth of Publicity

Word of mouth goes a long way. It’s trust or appreciation being passed on from one human to another.
With Word of mouth you do not get to review the event on the internet , but you would definitely trust the word of a person who has just been to an event and will definitely consider his experiences.


Imagine you walk into a pub and see a flyer inviting you to join a party which boasts of an amazing line up, production, booze menu and more which makes the feel of paper in your hand and a little closer to the event.


Promoting before, during and after the event is a great way to keep your event buzzing in the minds of the target audience.

This is a very important form of neuro marketing that is used to attract more event attendees to your event and also making them your regulars.

Newspaper advertisement

Advertisements in the newspapers have been one of the most prominent forms of traditional marketing. Its wide reach and minimal expense for marketing makes it one of the most used marketing medium for events.


If we place a Standee’s at most happening places where a potential market of an event would visit.When you saw a standee of a concert or a standup comedy act, or a adventure event at your favorite bar or coffee shop and discussed about  that event at least for 5 minutes, that’s the impact of a standee.


Hoardings catch the eye, the massive size and the colorful canvas used on it will leave you staring at it, till it’s out of your sight.

Television and radio ads

The half of the world is stick to the television sets while at home and the rest to their Radio’s in cars while they are stuck in  traffic.

Ads on the television and radio are considered to be one of the most important forms of traditional marketing as they have a large audience coverage and also are very efficient.