DAta DaTa daTa for a successful event

data data data data for successful event

It’s all a numbers game
Event management is an art rather than science.However data can help make sense of the entire game and give you an upper hand in the market.

Use Data to understand attendee behavior
When implementing campaigns ranging from email marketing to social media marketing, measure your responses. Use the content that works and shift your focus to promoting such events.
If you find that redirecting to a virtual event link works, try that. If redirecting to an event’s social media page works, try that. If visual content works, try that. Your attendees are telling you something, listen to it. 

Pre-filled forms improve conversions
Data just gives us a better picture on how small changes drastically improve certain outcomes. It was found that re-filled forms improve conversion by 50% ( Event Data Management Whitepaper).
Pull data from your existing contacts data to pre-fill form data when available. You can also install cookies on the user’s machine to do the same.

Don’t be afraid to re market (Old wine, new bottle)
In case you have a limited database of contacts for email marketing, do consider email re marketing. You can use data about available campaigns and resend to those who have not opened the campaign yet.
 Change your email subject line to make your audience is not plagued with the same content.

Track your best sellers
Track your marketing campaigns and conversions from each traffic source. Newsletters/Email Marketing/ Social Media/Content Marketing/ Blogs. You can use Google Analytic to get data on your campaigns.
 Use Google URL builder to tag your links to get data on registration and conversions.

Opportunity cost matters, kill non performer campaigns
Make sure you set goals for your campaigns and kill the non-performers to reduce audience fatigue.