Gifts that every attendee will love

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Gifts Every attendee loves
Distributing freebies to event attendees goes a long way in getting closer to the attendee. These small memorials go a long way in getting the attendees back to your next event. Every one  like to take home a lot of free gifts and this is the truth. Here are 7 giveaways that that organizers could give away to event attendees.

Promotional Notebooks

Make sure your Customized book carries your event logo and captions wherever necessary without over stuff marketing which make the customer throw it into the trash .


Get your logo printed or come up with a cool caption or  full  posture and get a hashtag up for your event  and get that printed on your Tee.
If you wish to take an extra mile in this, you could get  this stuff on a Polyester material tee, which the attendees could wear for running or training.

Caps or hats (If it’s an outdoor event)

If you are conducting an open air event like an auto expo,kite festival, an air show or a concert during the day. A cap or a hat would help stop from the blazing sun.
There are two boons for this, it’s keeping the attendees in good spirits and it’s also good branding.


Especially if your event is in those times when the sun is at its best and coming up with swag sunglasses is definitely something you shouldn’t miss .

Blue books

You could get vendors and dealers to give away discount coupons by promising them their product marketing in this form. For, it’s Quid Pro Quoblue book

Power banks or USB chargers

Giving your event attendees USB cables to charge or a few not so pricey power banks can help you get in their good books. Plus, don’t forget it’s good marketing.

Ear phones

Ear phones, though small, plays a huge role in keeping your event attendees happy. This small gesture will ensure that your event attendees become your regulars, provided you don’t drop the quality of the event

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