How to get great brand recall at your B2B event

How to get great brand recall at your B2B event

This is the age of brands and branding and a name does mean everything, an image, a symbol, an icon, an event, it’s all building a larger picture in the minds of the consumer.
It is absolutely essential to have instant brand recall for your brand and undertake branding exercises that familiarize your audience. 

                                      If you are hosting a corporate event and looking at getting the maximum mileage out of your event, you should work with partners who know and understand your business. 
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Here are a few neat ways to introduce branding into your events! 

BTL(Below-the-Line) it up everywhere
Find ways to incorporate your branding into your event merchandise. From beer koozies,pens, key chains, pins, badges think of innovative and fun ways to show off your colors.

T-shirts for volunteers
Whether you are using your own employees to power your event or have used manpower vendors, make sure they look like they are part of the home team. Investing in quality T-shirts for your volunteers can go a long way into making your team look professional and presentable.

Content is king
When your are developing content for your brand make sure it’s goofy, weird, funny and impact. Skip the boring stats and dry facts and figures, try to focus on company culture.

Make sure your ART has HEART
Pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure you hire the best design professionals for your BTL and event signage. This is the first thing they see when they enter the venue so make sure you aren’t making a bad first impression. You can ask your designer to come up with company mascots and advertising that can be used in multiple promotional use.

Get local
Make sure you capitalize on local culture and keep this in mind for your branding to avoid ‘culture-insensitive’ mistake. Get behind a local football team, a local sporting tournament, try and understand what clicks in the city/ town you are hosting the event or take the help of professionals and industry experts to include the local flavor in your branding.