Tips to Organize Seasonal Events

Tips to organize Seasonal Events

Theme and Festival

Always plan a theme oriented event if it’s a festival and arrange the food, decor, beverages, attire and kids engagement activities.
The festival is a time when people would come together, settle their differences, exchange gifts, and maybe finding a reason to get close to each other.


It’s a good idea always to keep your guests entertained and focused. So, when you send your invite for RSVP, also send along a note that informs them to prepare for a contest you plan on conducting on the day of the event.
That way, they get excited and the entertainment part is taken care of. Keep some good prizes to keep them wanting more.

Food & Quality

As an organizer, Make sure that food is amply and quality is maintained.
Its always best to serve the food to your guests in a few minutes from the time they arrive.
Also, don’t have the food cooked hours before your guests arrive because food started to become stale.
You never know if someone is in a hurry and you keep them waiting, they don’t mention it because they respect you.


Festival oriented beverages are more preferred.
Alcohol is not recommended when it’s a family get together and especially not when the other families are expected to visit with kids around.


Get your numbers right and since it’s the festive season, you might want to keep a good buffer for those people you haven’t invited, but get tagged along by your guests because they can’t afford to miss meeting them.

Timing and duration

keep your festive event more like a 2 to 3 hour affair rather than a full night program-me.
People like to have their own time with their families too.


You wouldn’t be able to gift people on every occasion neither can the guests afford that Festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving.
So, don’t be an over gift-er and put others in the spotlight where they start avoiding your events because they can’t afford to gift you.


The venue is spacious and gives enough room for people to be accommodated and should be comfortable with a buffer.
The venue would be convenient if it’s located within city limits.

Play area

As an organizer it’s always better to have arrangements for kids where they have a play area to keep them occupied.
Better yet, you can get someone to keep them engaged who can get them to play different games, tell a story, try different food and maybe watch some animated movies or cartoons.

If you can make sure all of this is taken care of, you can very well expect your guests to leave satisfied. Happy planning!


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