How to Conduct a Sustainable Event

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By definition, an event is sustainable if planned, organized and managed in a way that allows minimizing the environmental impact throughout its lifetime.Therefore, sustainability is integral part of the overall process of management the event, influencing the supply chain and the disposal process

why you want to organize a sustainable event?

A good and deep understanding of your goals will help you during the planning phase. Probably, the reason of your choice is related with the brand image you want to transmit. So, try to be consistent in all your actions, in order to be perceived as a truly responsible.If you want to educate people to respect the environment, you should encourage them to behave responsibly. Promote separate waste collection, spread the word about the importance of sustainability with brochures and fliers and affix signs with few simple rules to follow.

Respect the Environment

The respect for the environment stars even before the event. Just think about the several ways you have to do promotion in a sustainable way: using recycled paper for your leaflets, doing online marketing activities with a hosting provider that uses “green energy” and distributing Eco-friendly gadgets, made of natural material.

Use Bio products

As for the catering, try to find local producers, like small restaurants or family companies that offer bio products: you help the environment and also the local business reality. At the same time, try to reduce food and packaging waste, do separate waste collection, make sure to have a vegetarian corner and use biodegradable cutlery and plates.

Organize a sustainable event doesn’t necessarily require a big budget and is one of the best way to enhance your brand reputation, encourage participation's and excel expectations widely accepted as standard practice.