List of Event Categories

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Deciding on the category of events that you would like to delve into, you would need to know your experience level. You would have to distinguish your area of specialty. You would also have to consider the business prospect of the event type you are considering and is it in demand. Once you have that worked out, focus on a particular core competency. Decide on what you can or cannot do and will you have the supporting team to manage what you are not able to do.

Event planning is basically using your creativity and interpersonal skills to organize occasions for a specific purpose or celebration and at the same time provide a service for a fee. It is both exciting and yet can be a hectic business as everything will be based on a dateline.

Bridal events 

To organize weddings and bridal showers. It requires skills in venue setups, arranging dinners, lunches or tea as well as floral, gift and dealing with a guest list. You would have to be creative in venue design, floral arrangements, color co-coordinating, music selection and have a knack for knowing what would make the occasion a truly memorable one for the wedded couple and guest. This is a once in a lifetime occasion for them!

Educational conferencing

Arranging seminars, online webinars, debates and forums. This is a highly specialized field as it can involve international guest speakers and attendees depending on the size of the event. You would have to know how to arrange presentation materials, handle international or high ranking officials (their protocols). Knowledge about how conferencing events are organized as some of the larger events may require more complicated setups that involve hotel accommodation arrangements, transport and par services for the spouses or their delegation.

Commemorative events

Public events for promotions of civil or non-government persons or even memorials. If it is a celebrative event, you will need skills in theme planning, entertainment and catering. On the other hand if it is a memorial, you would have to be familiar with ethnic customs and have a special touch of sympathetic skills to lessen the burden of loss for the bereaved.

Product launch events

Normally are big events organized for the launching of new products or services. You will require exceptional task management skills, good theme and color sense, an eye for detail into co-ordination, people skills as well as good marketing knowledge. This is one of the most lucrative events to hold and also the most complicated and stressful. You will require a really cool and level head to manage the number of people under you, not to mention the client and the attendees for the event!